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Chairman of the Board of JSC "Republican Center for Space Communications"
Malik Zhuyriktaev was born in 1973.
Graduated from the Almaty Power Engineering Institute, Faculty of Radio Engineering and Communications, specializing in electronic engineer, Almaty State University named after Abai, specialty economist-manager.
He began his career in 1995 at the Almaty Regional Telecommunications Directorate.
He worked his way up from an ordinary engineer to the head of regional divisions of leading communication enterprises in Kazakhstan. He worked in various managerial positions in the system of NAC "Kazaktelecom", JSC "Transtelecom", private structures.
In the period from 2017 to 2019, he worked at JSC "RCSC" as Vice President for Commercial Affairs, Chief of Staff.
Prior to his appointment as the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "RCSC", he worked as Deputy General Director of LLP Vostoktelecom in JSC Kazakhtelecom.
Work experience M.K. Zhuyriktaeva is 25 years old, of which 17 years in the communications industry, he is the holder of the honorary title "Uzdik Baylanyshy".
By order of the Chairman of the Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Malik Kuanyshbekovich Zhuyriktaev was appointed Chairman of the Management Board of Republican Center for Space Communications JSC from October 1, 2020
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "RCSC".
Was born in 1978.
From 1995 to April 2000, he was trained as a cadet at the Military Space Engineering Red Banner Academy. A.F. Mozhaisky, St. Petersburg.
He has been working in the space industry since 2000 from the Baikonur cosmodrome, where he served as an officer in the position of station chief, senior engineer of the department, head of a department in military unit 55427. He served at the cosmodrome until April 2006.
In JSC "RCSC" since May 26, 2006, he was accepted as an engineer of the 1st category of the Flight Control Center Department of the Ground Control Complex (hereinafter referred to as "Akkol"), then transferred from February 1, 2007 as the Head of the Planning, Analysis and Control Department the technical condition of the spacecraft of the Flight Control Center of the SCS "Akkol", the city of Akkol, Akmola region. From April 11, 2011 he was transferred to the Acting Director of the "Akkol" CCS.
From 2011-2019, he was approved as the Director of the "Akkol" CCS.
Since 2019 Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "RCSC", Nur-Sultan.
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "RCSC".
Was born in 1983 in Almaty city.
Graduated from Tomsk State University of control systems and radio electronic with a degree in “Radio electronic systems”. System engineer.
He began his career at JSC "RCSC". In October 2005, he was appointed an engineer of the operational control sector of the Mission сontrol сenter (MCC) of the Space communication center "Akkol".
Over the fifteen years of work at the company, he worked his way up from an engineer to the Deputy Director of the Akkol Space communication center - the head of the MCC.
May 14, 2021 by the decision of the Board of JSC "RCSC" Leonov V. appointed to the position of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "RCSC".
For his contribution to the development of the space industry in Kazakhstan, he was awarded by the anniversary medal "25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan", departmental awards of “KazKosmos” and “ROSKOSMOS”.
Deputy Chairman of the Board of “RCSC” JSC
Born in 1983.
Graduated from the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Forecasting (KIMEP University) with a degree in Finance and Accounting, degree - Bachelor of Business Administration (BSC). Fluent in English, Turkish, Kazakh and Russian.
From 2004 - 2010 worked in the banking sector. He went from the manager of financial institutions of “Valut-Tranzit Bank” JSC to the head of the sales support center of the Treasury of “BTA Bank” JSC.
In 2011 - 2016, worked at “KazTransGas Aimak” JSC in senior positions. In the period 2016-2019, he worked in the system of “Kazpost” JSC. He worked as the director of the branch "Information and Logistics Center South", in 2018 he was promoted to director of the "Almaty Post Office" branch.
Since September 2021 - Financial Director, Director of the Department of Economics and Finance of "Republican Center of Space Communication" JSC.
By the decision of the Board of Directors dated February 17, 2022, he was elected a member of the executive body - Deputy Chairman of the Board of “RCSC” JSC.
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