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“I was brought up by the Zhas Ulan school, which is the same age as the Armed Forces

Author - Нургалиева Сара Кабиевна
Translator - Измуханов Абзал
Date: 09.05.2022

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - To be a defender of the Fatherland in peacetime means to achieve labor victories, to be a defender of one's family, to know and appreciate the history of one's Motherland - Ramazan Omarbekov, a career officer of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, shared his opinion with a Kazinform correspondent on these holidays.

Ramazan is thirty years old and is the same age as the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, while he has 20 years of military service. “In 2002, I entered the Kazakhstani analogue of the Suvorov military school - the Republican school "Zhas Ulan" named after General Nurmagambetov in the city of Astana, where I studied for 7 years, from the 5th to the 11th grade. I grew up without a father, my mother is disabled and I was raised by my grandmother - my mother's mother. She wanted me to grow up to be a good and educated person, so she sent me to this military school. Of course, it was not so easy to enter, but I passed the district, regional, republican commissions, passed the exams. Of the five hundred boys from all over the country, 60 were selected. And my military life began: lifting, charging, drill, barracks. Twice a year we went home for the holidays, and so all the time at school. On Sundays, they went to the city for dismissal. And the order that we then received: “remember that you are lancers and must always wear your uniform with dignity,” became the main rule of life for me,” recalls Captain Omarbaev.

After graduating from the Zhas Ulan school, Ramazan entered the A.F. Mozhaisky Military Space Academy in St. Petersburg. After five cadet years of study at the military academy, he returned to Astana, under the jurisdiction of the country's Ministry of Defense. In 2015, he was seconded to the Republican Center of Space Communications. For the seventh year now, he has been working at the Akkol Space Communications Center, which manages and operates Kazakh communication and broadcasting satellites “Kazsat”.

“Since then I have been in touch with space. At the moment I work in the Space Communications Center (SCS). My job is to control the flights of spacecraft, control the functioning of the technical systems of satellites, parry emerging malfunctions. Not only as an engineer, but, above all, as an officer, I am aware of the enormous responsibility for the work of our national space communications system (CSS), which provides the entire country with communications services, information security, and hence the defense capability of the state. Today, Kazakhstan has its own “Kazsat” SCS, and I would like it to develop further - after all, this is one of the conditions for the country's sovereignty,” says R. Omarbekov.

According to Captain Omarbekov, the Zhas Ulan school taught him to be a defender of the Fatherland from childhood, and now he can pay his debt to the Fatherland by serving the Motherland: work honestly and well, be the defender of his family, know and appreciate the history of his Motherland, teach this to his children.

Two weeks ago, the third daughter was born in the Omarbekov family. “Of course, I also dream of a son to whom I could pass on my experience and knowledge of serving the Motherland. After all, the meaning of family happiness is in the continuity of generations. And we, men - defenders of both our Fatherland and our relatives, must be on guard for their well-being. On the Great Victory Day, I bow my head to the warriors - the winners, who gave us this peaceful life, ”says Ramazan.

At the end of the conversation, Captain Omarbekov expressed his gratitude to the educators of the Zhas Ulan Republican School, which supports children from low-income families and gives a start in life, thanked all the people who met on his life path and helped him become a good officer and specialist.