«KazSat-2» satellite was launched to geostationary orbit (GSO) on July 16, 2011 from the «Baikonur» cosmodrome.

Communication and broadcasting satellite created by the «Khrunichev state research and production space center» (Russia) together with Thales Alenia Space (Italy) by the order of RCSC.

During the creating of «KazSat-2» satellite in the orientation and stabilization system, instruments manufactured by the French company EADS Astrium were used.

«KazSat-2» was created to provide broadcasting services, telephony, data transmission, multimedia services and etc.

«KazSat-2» service area includes the entire territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the countries of Central Asia, and the Central part of Russia.


Type of orbit/ standing point

Geostationary orbit / 86.5 E


12,25 years

Technological lifetime

14,5 years

Frequency band


Number of transponders


Transponder bandwidth

54 MHz

Satellite mass with the transition system at the start

1368 kg

Power allocated to the Payload at the end of the Life time, not less than

4600 W

Platform type


Payload power consumption

1800 W

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