"KazSat-2" was launched into geostationary orbit (GSO) on July 16, 2011 from the cosmodrome "Baikonur".
The launch of the "KazSat-3" in GEO was held on 28 April 2014 from the cosmodrome "Baikonur"
"Akkol"Center of space communication
Kazakhstan's first ground control complex and communication monitoring system
"Kokterek" Center of space communication
"Kokterek" CSC is a modern technological center, created as an analogue of the current "Akkol" CSC.

The members of the Republic of Kazakhstan Parliament Senate visited the space communication center in Akkol

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February 1, 2018, the Center of space communication was visited the deputies of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Members of the Committee on international relations, defense and security headed by the Chairman of the Committee Dariga Nazarbayeva got acquainted with the work of the space communication and broadcasting system "KazSat".

The "Akkol" space communication center, located 100 km from the capital (city Akkol of Akmola region), was put into operation in 2005 and is designed for continuous control, monitoring and maintenance of the specified technical and ballistic characteristics of the “KazSat” series satellites.

"To date, Kazakhstan has created and operates a full - fledged space communication system "KazSat", which is able to fully meet the needs of the state in fixed-line channels, digital broadcasting, broadband Internet access, data transmission and the creation of corporate satellite communication networks", - said the president of RCSC Victor Lefter, presenting the work of the enterprise to the deputies.

During the visit, the deputies got acquainted with the functioning of the mission control center and the satellite communication monitoring center "KazSat-2" and "KazSat-3". The attention of the senators was presented to the technical equipment and work of all divisions of the complex, the personnel structure of the enterprise and the level of professional training of RCSC specialists.

Guests in real time watched the work of RCSC specialists, who conduct round-the-clock control of "KazSat-2" and "KazSat-3" satellites.

Technical personnel of the “Akkol” SCC - are specialists who have been carefully selected and additional theoretical and practical training in the operation of space communications systems at space communications facilities of the Russian Federation.

Social security of specialists is one of the priorities. The company pays great attention to the preservation of human resources and the creation of comfortable conditions for housing and work.

The senators visited the residential complex, which is home to families of employees and visited the leading engineer of the software Department Askhat Sarbasov.

To date RCSC is actively working on the development of Kazakhstan's national group of communication and broadcasting satellites "KazSat" for the purpose of continuous operation of existing satellite communication networks, as well as their further development.

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«KazSat» national space communications system




"Akkol" CSC

"Kokterek" CSC