"KazSat-2" was launched into geostationary orbit (GSO) on July 16, 2011 from the cosmodrome "Baikonur".
The launch of the "KazSat-3" in GEO was held on 28 April 2014 from the cosmodrome "Baikonur"
"Akkol"Center of space communication
Kazakhstan's first ground control complex and communication monitoring system
"Kokterek" Center of space communication
"Kokterek" CSC is a modern technological center, created as an analogue of the current "Akkol" CSC.


"Our day begins and ends with space"- the President of JSC "RCSC" Victor Lefter

The president of "RCSC" JSC Victor Lefter said about the danger number for satellites.

ASTANA. KAZINFORM-JSC "Republican center of space communication" (RCSC) of Aerospace Committee (ACC) of the Ministry of defense and aerospace industry (MOAP) of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the national operator of space communication and broadcasting system of Kazakhstan. What was notable past 2017, what is the RSCS’s perspective and success? President of JSC "RCSC" Victor Lefter In an interview with MIA "Kazinform".

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- Victor Dmitrievich, what was past 2017 for the team RCSC?

- Any one year has never been easy. The matter is that we are in constant chronic tension because at us Two boards fly in space – KazSat-2 and KazSat-3 satellites. Where they are – it is at an altitude of over 39 thousand kilometers, begins an aggressive space environment, and that we will present space, we do not know. And the task we have is very serious-the uninterrupted provision of space communications to all structures of the country, for government agencies including television and radio broadcasting of the country. This is a very important and responsible task of the state.

2017 was a transitional year for us in terms of reaching the payback of the enterprise. At the end of 2017, we made a profit, that is, we provided profitability. In 2017, the domestic television was fully transferred to the Kazakh communications and broadcasting satellites. We can say that Kazakhstan has become an independent state in terms of space activities, namely the needs of space communications. However, this is not all, we will continue to increase the ability of the devices, and we are talking about a new satellite KazSat 2R. So we will try to provide not only Kazakhstan, but also to go beyond our country.


- This year will mark the fifth anniversary of the creation of the reserved ground control complex «Kokterek» in Almaty region. How do you assess his work today?

- Reservation ground - this is very important when you consider that we can know what weather conditions we will present nature. Anything can happen, as exemplified by weather in January, and the cold was terrible, and snowstorms. But continuous communication should be ensured even in such cataclysms. Therefore, there was a need to create a backup center, which by its technical qualities and requirements fully confirms what we have in Akkol.

But we cannot have a full-scale staff in Almaty. Therefore, we have made a decision: the equipment, which is located in Almaty, operates in a "hot" mode, if necessary; we will redirect the required number of employees from Akkol to Kokterek. Previously, we reserved through Russian systems, paid money for the reservation, but not always satisfied us, there were a lot of controversial situations.

What effect gives us RGCC? In addition to ensuring the reliability of the space system KazSat, it is a huge cost savings, as well as the ability to provide additional services to our customers.

In General, Kazakhstan's space satellite communications project has been successful. I'll give you just one number. Import substitution to date has made 34 billion tenge. This means that these funds had to work for a foreign operator, for the development of science in other countries, and they remained inside our country, for the development of the national satellite communication system of Kazakhstan.

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- In 2019, the RCCC will be 15 years old. How Mature and professional do you think the team is today, because the RCSC was the first in the system of Kazkosmos to begin the implementation of the space project?

- Yes, Kazakhstan's space communications began with the RCSC. Space communications is a complex technological process, so our personnel have received special training. We are ready to vouch for each of our employees. In their hands there is a great responsibility, the slightest mistake of employees can lead to unpredictable consequences. From the first days our Kazakh specialists have been fully controlling satellite. I must admit that we rendered great help space experts from Russia, Italy, where our employees are properly trained and training. This is a big, huge cooperation. Now there are no countries that in space plan did everything themselves.


- Do you believe that Kazakhstan is able to create communication satellites on its own?

- I am absolutely sure of this, and this issue should be approached more specifically. We have company "Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary", which builds Assembly and test complex of spacecrafts in Astana, is the engineers space technology from "Alum", so I have confidence that Kazakhstan will be to create a spacecraft. Why? And because we have the Baikonur cosmodrome. I would even say that it is a sin to have such an object and not to develop in this direction. Many people look with envy at us, because we have such a cosmodrome, God-given place…

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- Can we say that many countries look at our space system with envy?

- I wouldn't say they're envy. We know that today Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan have their own spacecrafts, but still many people, having come to us, are wondering: how did you achieve this? For example, our main ground control complex (GCC) "Akkol" was created in nine months! I think this is the only such case in international space exploration. This was made possible thanks to the enthusiasm of our employees, inspired by the idea of creating “Akkol” GCC. And the idea and support was from the President - Nursultan Nazarbayev, who personally arrived at the opening of theGCC "Akkol" on May 30, 2006. And also thanks to the professional help of our Russian colleagues.

To us the object came a large number of delegations and many of them still did not get into GCC, ironically belonged to human settlements, for example, to the town of Akkol, calling this place a village. However, today there is a big difference between what was and what is now. Akkol has already changed, because the taxes that we pay to the district budget, serve as a financial impetus for the improvement of the city of Akkol.


- We know that work has begun to increase the Kazakh group of satellite communications. Why the next satellite won’t call as “Kazsat-4”? Is called “KazSat-2R”, where did the number "4" go?

- In terms of increasing the group, almost all government agencies have expressed support for us. The prospect of what we have? As they say, "the engine went – there's no turning back". Almost all operators of the country are" tied " to us. We can't say "Guys, it's over." All this is based on the tasks of the country, the same provision of television. It is impossible to carry out a cable to every village, and the space covers everything, both Kazakhstan and the States nearby to it. Take as an example the Kazakh people whose is concentrated in Mongolia, China, Russia. These are all the same citizens of our country and they have the opportunity to watch Kazakh television.

And about "4" - it has not the most favorable history. Phones under this number are often caught in a different kind of emergency. In General, space is built on traditions and superstition, because the cost of the issue is high. Although we all know, studied everything, but, despite this, superstition will be with us. It's space! (laughs).

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You have a team for the satellites are as living beings; call them a little "KazSat". Do you often think about your lost child “KazSat-1”?

- To begin to understand that our day begins and ends with a space. Morning reports, evening reports. Unfortunately, there are no esters without interference, and the connection should be of high quality. Who wants to watch television with interference on the screen? Yes, our spacecraft, with which we communicate around the clock, they are native to us, like children. Hence comes a kind of sense of family. We have a common goal and for all of us our companions are living beings. Also painful, on the verge of the living entity, the whole team survived the loss of the first satellite. But this loss is tempered us and gave an object lesson that was used in the future. In fact, Kazsat-1, which has worked in orbit for almost two years, has generally paid for itself, considering the services received, the availability of the NKU built for operation, insurance payments.


- Do you think that you were destined to work for space?

- Hard to say. I had a chance as a child to witness an emergency landing. I was amazed, around the chutes, the military in the form of walking, visiting all. It was somewhere in the ' 60s. But I then thought that I will be able to be associated with this area in the future. At that time, many people dreamed of being pilots and astronauts, we thought it was beautiful. Although space systems are somewhat different from manned cosmonautics, our tasks are very serious. Monitor the device, which is 39 thousand kilometers away from us in an aggressive environment and continues to transmit the signal around the clock - this is similar to the fact that the cord is plugged into an outlet, and the device should work for 15 years without stopping. This is the time period of operation of this device. The process of controlling the device is a complicated matter. You need to understand all the physical phenomena that occur both on the machine and around it. There are a lot of laws of physics, thermodynamics, there is almost everything connected with science. And to say that it is easy to operate the device is wrong.

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- Is it true that you were born in the hospital, the building of which is now the head office of JSC "RCSC"?

- That's really true. It turned out, that not only I, there is some people from RCSC’s collective, which were born here, in this old building in Akmola. We didn't plan on opening an office here. When the decision was made, I did not resist, and now I believe that this fact helps us, at least, to me – precisely. I think there's nothing wrong with that. Not everyone can be proud of the fact that he works in the place where he was born. It is a fact.


- Last question. What is your life credo?

- First of all, understand and make sure that then was not ashamed of it. Does it, show it, and then be proud! Do it so that you can be proud of it later. I am proud of my team; we have it working as a whole. The team, which had the honor to perform and successfully continue the historic mission of providing space communications to his country - the Republic of Kazakhstan.


- Thanks for interview and successes to further RCSC!


«KazSat» national space communications system




"Akkol" CSC

"Kokterek" CSC