"KazSat-2" was launched into geostationary orbit (GSO) on July 16, 2011 from the cosmodrome "Baikonur".
The launch of the "KazSat-3" in GEO was held on 28 April 2014 from the cosmodrome "Baikonur"
"Akkol"Center of space communication
Kazakhstan's first ground control complex and communication monitoring system
"Kokterek" Center of space communication
"Kokterek" CSC is a modern technological center, created as an analogue of the current "Akkol" CSC.

«Republican center of space communication» JSC celebrated the 14th anniversary

ASTANA. OWN INFORMATION. «Republican center of space communication» JSC (hereinafter – «RCSC» JSC) was founded on the 18th March, 2004, MIA «Kazinform» correspondent reports.

Its 14th birthday which coincided with the weekend the staff of the «RCSC» JSC met with good results.

Successful operation of the KazSat space system for communication and broadcasting is continuing.

At the end of 2017 the system «KazSat» consisting of the satellite communication and broadcasting «KazSat-2» (was launched in 2011) and «KazSat-3» (was launched in 2014) provided import substitution in the amount of 12 billion tenge by reducing the use of resources of foreign satellites and earned more than 5 billion tenge.

In total during the period of operation since 2011 the system «KazSat» provided import substitution in the amount of 34 billion tenge by reducing the use of resources of foreign satellites and earned more than 17 billion tenge.

The President of the «RCSC» JSC Victor Lefter, who heads the company from the first day of creation, said that by the end of 2017 the company came to profit, that is, provided profitability.

Another big result of the work of the «RCSC» JSC was the full transfer of the domestic television in 2017 to Kazakhstan communications and broadcasting satellites.

At the end of 2023 the lifetime of the «KazSat-2» satellite is being completed, so work on its timely replacement began.

The new satellite «KazSat-2R» will ensure further operation of the existing satellite communication and television networks operating through the «KazSat-2» (more than 4,000 satellite communication stations, 12 operators and TV). Also, broadband internet access will be provided to rural areas that are not covered by terrestrial connection technologies.

Mr. Victor Lefter underlined that the implementation of this project is provided in the state program «Digital Kazakhstan».

Traditionally, the staff of the «RCSC» JSC celebrated this field-day with sport competitions and outdoor activities in the forest, on the territory of the ground control center of satellite «Akkol».

Not only adults but also children of employees took part in the big program of competitions, i.e. in winter football, shooting with airguns, darts, arm wrestling, table tennis, weight lifting, biathlon.

Also, on this day the staff of the «RCSC» JSC held a festive meeting of the spring holiday «Nauryz».

Chairman of the Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of defense and aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerkin Shaimagambetov congratulated the employees on the birthday of «RCSC» JSC and wished new labor achievements and presented medals to the winners of the competition.

By the way, the main winners of sport competitions were the children of employees of the center of space communication, who grew up in front of the team and dream to continue the work of their fathers – to be the first in space communication in Kazakhstan.


«KazSat» national space communications system




"Akkol" CSC

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