"KazSat-2" was launched into geostationary orbit (GSO) on July 16, 2011 from the cosmodrome "Baikonur".
The launch of the "KazSat-3" in GEO was held on 28 April 2014 from the cosmodrome "Baikonur"
"Akkol"Center of space communication
Kazakhstan's first ground control complex and communication monitoring system
"Kokterek" Center of space communication
"Kokterek" CSC is a modern technological center, created as an analogue of the current "Akkol" CSC.

Space communication of Kazakhstan is 15 years old


Republican Center of Space Communication (RCSC) of the Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a press tour for media representatives, the correspondent of the Kazinform reports.

On the eve of the 15th anniversary of the JSC “RCSC” creation journalists were invited to visit the main object of the enterprise - the space communication center Akkol, which houses the ground control system for KazSat spacecraft and communication monitoring systems. “Our enterprise was entrusted by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the President of the country personally with the most important state task of creating a space communication system of Kazakhstan. The resolution was issued at the end of 2003, on March 18, 2004, the state registration of a legal entity - JSC “RCSC” took place. That day was the birthday of the company, Viktor Lefter, adviser to the chairman of the board of the JSC RCSC, told to press tour participants. Mass media representatives were shown the main blocks of the unique space infrastructure facility - the spacecraft flight control center, were introduced to the radio equipment of command and measurement systems, journalists were able to see in real time how the communication monitoring systems and the satellite communications and data transmission system KazSat-2 and KazSat-3 work.


According to the information from the heads of RCSC, today, February 28, 2019, the load of satellite capacity "KazSat-2" and "KazSat-3" is 628.51 MHz (72.7%) and 947.61 MHz (73.1%) respectively. The lease of the KazSat-2 satellite resource is provided to 12 kazakh organizations, and KazSat-3 provides communication and broadcasting services to 9 kazakh operators. The total income, which satellites of Kazakhstan brought in 2018, amounted to 5.4 billion tenge. This year, this amount will be increased to 6.2 billion tenge, assured the JSC "RCSC". Speaking about the prospects of the center, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "RCSC" Shokan Svoguzov noted that active work is underway to increase the constellation and replace satellites. The project of creation and commissioning of "KazSat-2R" satellite is intended for the reservation and replacement of the satellite KazSat-2, which was launched in 2011.


Speaking about the additional sources of RCSC income, the participants of the press tour were told about the teleport services based on the reserve SCC "Kokterek" in the Almaty region. Today, teleport services are successfully used by 6 companies, including the largest operators of the country: JSC ASTEL, TelService Ltd LLP, AsiaNETCOM LLP, Alonstelefonstroy LLP, Alma Telecommunications Kazakhstan JSC, Silk Road Telecom LLP. In 2019, it is planned to receive revenues in the amount of at least 79.3 million tenge from teleport services, the heads of RCSC JSC reported.


"The 15th anniversary of JSC "RCSC"-the first enterprise in Kazakhstan, which created its own ground - based space infrastructure and reached a break - even level of production - meets with good results, "-said in conclusion of the press tour Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of JSC "RCSC" Viktor Lefter. If you speak the language of figures, today we have 1.3 million subscribers of satellite broadcasting on the territory of Kazakhstan, employs more than 293 satellite TV and radio channels (OTAU TV, CASPIO HD, Alma TV). The share of the national operator of the space communication system in the market of satellite capacity of geostationary SPACECRAFT of the Republic of Kazakhstan at 100%. The contribution to the country's economy by providing import substitution is more than 47 billion tenge.


The plans of JSC "RCSC" - increase in profitability from the provision of space communication services, access to the international market, further development of the ground infrastructure of the SCC "Akkol" and SCC "Kokterek", participation in providing broadband access to the Internet using satellite technologies in the framework of the State program "Digital Kazakhstan".



«KazSat» national space communications system




"Akkol" CSC

"Kokterek" CSC