«Akkol» Center of space communication

Kazakhstan's first satellite ground control complex and monitoring system was commissioned in December 2005.

«Akkol» Center of space communication (Akkol «CSC») equipped with the latest technological equipment to control the national satellites the «KazSat» series. All  center's systems are fully autonomous, independent, and designed for continuous task execution management, control and keeping of specified technical and ballistic characteristics of satellites the «KazSat» series

The center was upgraded in 2008-2010, the project «KazSat-2» and in 2013 for the project «KazSat-3».

The CSC consist of:

• the mission control center;

• monitoring control center;

• center hardware and software and metrological support;

• service operation infrastructure.

CSC is equipped with:

• command-measuring system, which is designed to transmit control commands to the satellite and precise measurements of its location in orbit.

• communications monitoring station, designed to conduct orbital tests and measurements of  satellite transponders, to monitor the signals in the transponders and a satellite measurement of parameters of satellite earth stations and implementation of the procedures of their admission to work with the satellites.

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«KazSat» national space communications system




"Akkol" CSC

"Kokterek" CSC