“Republican center of space communication” JSC  ( “RCSC” JSC) provides the following services:

1. Provides transponder capacity of «KazSat-2» и «KazSat-3» communication satellites (CS)

2. Monitoring of the CS payloads in Ku-band on GSO from 14E to 130E.

“RCSC" JSC provides services to all telecom operators in Kazakhstan, national companies, military organizations, government agencies and commercial organizations.

Organization of information networks and broadband Internet access via satellite throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Providing services for the reception and distribution channels broadcasting via satellite DTH networks

Tariffs for rental transponder services satellites series "KazSat"  

Technical characteristics of the spacecraft "KazSat-2" 

Technical characteristics of the spacecraft "KazSat-3" 

 Also, our company is involved in the coordination of orbital-frequency assignments announced by the Republic of Kazakhstan orbital positions for its own perspective Kazakh communications and broadcasting satellites.

In June, 2013 was created Center of Space Communication «Kokterek» (CSC).

«Kokterek» CSC serves for provision of reserve control, maintaining of defined technical and ballistic characteristics of «KazSat» satellites on geostationary orbit and monitoring of communication channels.

Innovative technological solutions of the «Kokterek» CSC allow:

  • ensure continuity of infrastructure operation;
  • ensure a high level of service availability;
  • Satisfy the high demands of modern intensive systems.

«Kokterek» CSC equipped with all the necessary infrastructure to provide you with a range of services:

Last Mile (Last mile) allows providing a channel of communication from client to data center, using the specifications.

Collocation (Placing server and communication equipment) provides the opportunity to accommodate server and communication equipment to ensure complete reliability and security of Your data processing center (hereafter DPC).

Pre-Hubbing - ("Lift-a landing signal on satellite") gives the possibility of lift-landing traffic on Board a series of "KazSat" satellites and to bring the services in any point of Kazakhstan and to neighboring countries.


«KazSat» national space communications system




"Akkol" CSC

"Kokterek" CSC