Service "Pre-hubbing":

"Kokterek" RGCC has full infrastructure-technical equipment for providing a communication channel from the data Center to any point of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. It will provide its own communications infrastructure, the backup terrestrial channels or communication in remote regions, which in turn will make your services available across the country, combining them into a single information system.

System conditions the lift-landing signal to the satellites:

1) Antenna system with a diameter of 7.3 m and 9.0 m, focused on “KazSat-2 and KazSat 3 satellites, respectively;

2) The viewing Angle of the geostationary orbit from 13 to 140 °VD;

3) Area 350kh20 m along the line West-East, and an overpass on the roofs of administrative buildings for placement of antenna with a diameter of not more than 3.7 m;

4) Due to the location outside the city created a favorable environment;

5) Qualified and on-duty engineering personnel maintenance of satellite communication systems around the clock.


«KazSat» national space communications system




"Akkol" CSC

"Kokterek" CSC