Service "Collocation": 

1) Uninterrupted power supply of the I-th special category with 100% redundancy.
The object has a great potential in energy protecting the permitted capacity of 1.28 MW; the presence of two independent inputs for 110 kV; power-supply - special; two feeder transmission line 10 kV; on site there are two transformers 10-0, 4 kV; two diesel generator sets 350 kW; fuel reserve of 20 m2 (for 45 days of Autonomous operation) and two uninterruptible power supplies for 120 kVA.

2) Air-conditioning System + 100% redundancy.

Maintain the special operating conditions of equipment in the room when the outdoor temperature: -35 to +50°C. air-conditioners (main and reserve) are the Moto-evaporating units with remote condenser, air-cooled.

3) The system of automatic gas fire.
Fire safety facilities and equipment provided by a modern fire alarm system, Central fire detection and automatic gas extinguishing system.

4) Administration.
Engineers shift "Kokterek" RGCC controls the operation of the data center on a 24 x 7 x 365. If necessary, you can select office and warehouse space for the needs of the client.

5) The access control System.
"Kokterek" RGCC fenced perimeter metal fence and barbed wire fence (fence height 2.25 m). Also along the facility perimeter is equipped with an alarm type "Radio barrier", the CCTV and the alarm button together preventing the unauthorized penetration to the object and from the object, bypassing the checkpoint.

All systems of the engineering infrastructure is fully automated and provides the ability to remotely obtain information about the condition of overload or malfunction of devices at the time of the problem


«KazSat» national space communications system




"Akkol" CSC

"Kokterek" CSC